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Digital Target Marketing provides you with one of the most experienced teams of online direct response marketers in the world. Our team will assess your business, brands, and products to develop a multi-tiered, multi-channel approach to maximize your market presence and capitalize on every opportunity to engage customers.

Web Design

Designing and building high-end functional websites is what we do best. From fully customizable shopping carts to single page micro sites, we have the solution for your next project.

Micro Sites

One page micro sites are an essential part of today's online marketing campaign. Digital Target is the best at designing, building and testing the highest converting micro sites that naturally rank in the top of the search engines.

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Traditional Shopping Carts

Need a cart? Say good-bye to the third party shopping cart software package that never seems to do what you want. Digital Target has developed a fully customizable shopping cart platform that ties directly into your backend and reporting system. Making it easy for you to track all your DRTV and repeat customer traffic/orders in one central location.

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Mobile Marketing

Your customers are mobile. Are you?

Mobile traffic is increasing everyday. With the arrival of the smart phone everyone from teenagers to grandparents are shopping via mobile devices. We can help you capitalize on this traffic with our premiere mobile marketing platform.

  • DTM owns DRTV's only Dynamic Mobile Content Platform
  • 30% of Traffic is now Mobile....and growing
  • Mobile market is 3x bigger than tv and pc
  • No Dropoff in Average Order Value on Tablets or Smartphones
  • Lead Capture and Re-market on the Go
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Lead Generation Marketing

Targeted, qualified leads delivered to you.  Online Lead Generation and Interactive Multi Channel models work in concert with our performance based model to deliver cutting edge, interactive marketing success strategies and growth opportunities.  Digital Target does not simply purchase leads to resell them.  We are content driven, value add with advanced brand support and produce our own qualified, top level leads tailored to our clients' specific market and demographic.

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Live Event Marketing

Hit your mark with qualified attendees.  Digital Target maximizes registrations for your live events with highly targeted geographic and demographic campaigns while maintaining specific scheduling requirements. Careful consideration is given to integration with other media platforms so that the message is consistent, repetitive and followed up.  Campaigns are continuously reviewed and customized to ensure the highest registration and attendance ratios.

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Franchise Marketing

DTM is the Premier Online Direct Response Agency for the Franchise Industry. We are experts in Geo-Targeted Live Event marketing and ensure the highest quality of leads with both phone and email verifiers. We handle all of this in house with our team of expert media buyers, Let DTM help you generate ultra-targeted leads or fill a stadium with Qualified Buyers with our Live Event Marketing expertise.

Creative Creative!

Well thought-out graphics are the key to turning every eyeball into a visitor and creating brand stickiness.  Whether the goal is for the ad unit itself to instill a desire for the product, or for the ad unit to be a driver to a click thru and visitor to a website, the Digital Target team knows how to make it happen.  We have tested and proven thousands of offers and campaign specific media creatives.  We know what type of ad is most effective.  We will test a variety of different media creatives to make sure that every impression makes an impression on your target audience.

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Internet Marketing

There is so much that goes into running a successful online marketing campaign in addition to launching your website. From media buying to social networking we are the one stop shop that does it all. With our in house staff of media buyers and search marketers we have the experience to take your online campaign to the next level and make it a success.

Interactive Multi-Channel Retail Support

Attention Retailers. Your Customers are Online.  The Digital Target retail support model opens new lines of revenue as part of your retail market spend is shifted to the interactive channel.  Online media can easily out produce traditional mediums with maximum views, brand recognition, reinforcement and sales – at a fraction of the cost.  Consistent content and message are proactively managed across traditional and online mediums. Your marketing budget is optimized through multi level metrics, targeting, measured performance and leveraging the strengths of each channel.


Build your brand.  Digital Target campaigns are geared toward building brand awareness and increasing the value and credibility of your business and products.  Digital Target delivers branding campaigns at a lower cost per impression than traditional media. Our team generates the maximum number of quality impressions for your marketing dollar as possible.  Interactive campaigns incorporate every element of the online medium along with email, video, and creative flash elements in nearly every type of creative ad unit.

Social Networking

People are talking.  Make it about you.  Engage directly with your customers and their friends, and their friends' friends… Digital Target has successfully integrated social media across online campaigns.  Consumers not only react quickly to online ads, they also network instantaneously with other like-minded consumers regarding their research and experiences with products.

Natural Search Engine Optimization

Protection of your brand name is key. It's crucial that your key terms for your company and product offer bring up positive results and informative content in the natural rankings. If your companies websites are not listed on the first page of results, you cannot control what information end users are being provided. High page rank not only pushes bad reviews, complaints and pr down in the search engines. Digital Target will analyze each page of your websites to ensure that each meta tags, header, and graphic meets the right criteria to ensure optimal page rank. We will help to ensure that original content is being used on each page and new content is being created constantly. Using Google Sitemaps and Yahoo Submit Pro we will routinely upload XML pages and site maps to allow for the major search engines to "spider" new relevant content to be indexed and help boost page rankings.

Additional SEO outlets include social bookmarking, link building networks, online pr posts, and blogging and community sites, all of which Digital Target Marketing can leverage for our clients to help drive new impressions and visitors, creating more sales at retail and online, while producing quantifiable and traceable results to your bottom-line.

  • Unique Keyword Rich Content Creation
  • XML Site map Submissions
  • Site Design Layout Evaluation and Implementation
  • Back link Network Architecture
  • PR Posting Submissions and Creation


As more and more of the population not only researches and purchases online, paid search, or SEM has become a staple in most successful marketing campaigns both online and off. Competition in the search engines both trademark and broad terms is becoming increasing aggressive and therefore costly. We apply a calculated approach to managing and budgeting our clients keyword, and adword campaigns. There are many outlets within Paid Search than can be utilizes, including Paid Inclusion, Sponsored Paid Search, Submit Directories, and Online Shipping Markets. Deciphering which strategy is right for each campaign is critical to the overall success of your marketing objectives.

The Digital Target Marketing search team is trained in every top search portal and are both Google Certified and Yahoo Ambassadors, so our clients can feel confident that your search campaigns are being managed efficiently and effectively with real-time reporting tools that allow for full analysis and conversion tracking.

Online Media Buying

We will thoroughly analyze each campaign based on the end goal, whether that be to bring our clients as many targeted impressions per cpm, or pulling to create traffic and orders at the highest possible MER. With over twenty years combines online media buying experience, you can be confident that we will propose a mix of broad and targeted CPM Banner media buys and contextual and behavioral pop up and behavior marketing with networks such as Zango and, along with a series of email vendors with proven consistent track records, that will not only meet but exceed expectations.

We have the online vendor relationships with various ad networks and branding portals necessary in order to build a strong and deep advertising campaign that will not only be brand intensive, but audience appealing. We will find the right mix of large static branding buys for building impressions, and smaller targeted contextual buys to not only round out each campaign but bring down the overall cost per order or lead. We understand that larger static buys such as Yahoo, Ivillage, and Weather are critical to increasing awareness, while incorporating performance based networks like Doubleclick and Vendare, along with smaller opt-in networks like Undertone and Specific Media will lower your overall cost visitor.

Live Chat / Exit Chat

In the digital world, it's no less important to provide top rate customer service. Live Chat is available to provide detailed answers to offer or product related questions, as well as providing order status updates and shipping information if need be. Live Chat not only can help to convert a visitor to an order or lead, but can also dramatically cut down on the overall cost of customer service.


To capitalize on each customer & visitor that comes to a customer website, we can create a robust remarketing platform to continuously outbound the customer or subscriber with testimonials, new product alerts, Invite-a-Friend campaigns, and incentive and referral promotions, keeping our clients products and services fresh on their mind, and turning customers into repeat, loyal buyers and increasing the value of every impression, lead, and customer.

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Technology & Advanced Software Features

We Get IT, and we get it done.  We deliver superior online and multi-channel expertise customized to your brand, product and market. With a solid background in Direct Response Marketing combined with e-commerce and cutting edge technologies to affect marketing goals. Digital Target Marketing has emerged as the premier online marketing provider for results based campaigns. We have developed a multi-tiered approach for digital media placements to capitalize on every opportunity to engage your customers. Our in-house IT department continuously develops cutting edge software applications that keeps our company on the forefront of the industry.

Zero Down Time

State of the art hardware, network & server support ensure your site is always available.

Real Time Tracking

Orders written to appropriate database in real time and viewable through web based login.

Real Time Exports

Order exports can be set on any timing interval to cut down shipping time.

Real Time Credit Card Authorization

Assures billable CPA marketing orders and transactional TV orders are not billed for bounced cards.

Expanded Tracking Reports

Web based, client accessible through username/password on client side.

Advanced Fraud Protection

We have developed a proprietary backend technology utilizing fraud data tables, ip address billing information check and several other filtering processes to ensure the highest percentage of valid orders.

Expanded Online Media Sources (other than search engine)

Extensive vendor relationships and lower profit margin thresholds translate into higher volume of incremental orders that will not cannibalize your TV efforts.

International Sites

We support websites that are capable of displaying languages other than English and accept currency from other countries such as the Euro.

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