Design @ DTM

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Your Consumer Is Mobile.
Is Your Creative Thumbstopping™?

Mobile is more important than ever before. Ninety-five percent of adults1 now use smartphones, with more than half using their smartphones to make online purchases.2

We know for a fact that an average of 70% of all of the traffic coming to our websites is mobile. That's why it's critical to design with a consumer's thumb in mind.

Mobile-First Landing Page Design:

Just because web design is responsive doesn't mean it's a high-converting landing page.

To the contrary, research by Google shows that 73 percent of consumers will switch from a poorly designed mobile site to an alternative mobile site that makes purchasing easier.3

That's why DTM designers always create a mobile-first design – a completely separate page dedicated specifically to mobile. While it incorporates responsive elements, it's built to look its best and perform flawlessly on any mobile device.

Thumbstopping™ Creative:

When designing engaging ads, we have one goal ... STOP THE SCROLL! Because we spend millions per month in media, we have developed best practices built on real-world success. We know how to design ads and landing pages that stops consumers thumbs, engages their senses and moves them to take action.

We not only know how to stop the scroll, but have developed proven best practices for desktop design as well. From mobile-first design, to multi-platform performance, if it's digital, DTM knows how to deliver great creative that works, harder, smarter and delivers maximum results.