Average Order Value
6x Initial Product Offer

Get Motivated Seminars is “America's Most Popular Business Seminar” with big-name speakers like Tony Robbins, President Bill Clinton, Shaquille O'Neil, and Suze Orman.

Geo-targeted media was deployed in advance of events to drive purchases of event tickets on dedicated area microsites. Constant A/B split testing of microsites evolved the design and functionality to over 60 versions of the landing page. Because the events were ticketed, the challenge was to increase average order values in order to leverage premium media placements.

DTM utilized our Consumer-Based Selling Engine to create an intricate upsell flow with up to 6 upgrade levels. Average Order Values surpassed initial ticket amount by 6x! Furthermore, our Proprietary Match-Back System was utilized to match marketing to lifetime values of consumers. This allowed for optimizations against creative, landing page version, media channel, ad unit size, audience target to target and convert consumers with highest lifetime value to the Get Motivated brand.

Project Highlights
  • CRM Integration
  • High-Performing Digital Media Strategy
  • A/B Split Testing
  • Consumer Upsell Engine
  • Proprietary Match-Back System
  • Mobile-First Design