Average Order Value increased from $31-$89
100 Versions of Landing Page Design
14,000 E-Commerce Units Sold Per Day

MagicJack revolutionized the telecom space by allowing consumers to make phone calls using the internet to save hundreds on phone bills.

In 2008, mobile e-commerce was just taking off. Magic Jack was seeing 1% of total traffic going to iPhone and 1.5% to iPad – but with conversion rates 800% less than desktop devices. With an increasing number of mobile users, finding a way to improve mobile conversion rates was critical and led to the development of DTM's proprietary Archer platform.

With the adoption of a Mobile-First mentality, while utilizing best practices for e-commerce, consistent A/B split testing lead to 100 versions of the website design. The Consumer-Based Selling Engine also tested various upsell and downsell flows based on consumer actions. This increased Average Order Values from $31-$89. With the right backend, media performed extremely well. At its peak, MagicJack sold an astonishing 14k units per day making it one of the most successful campaigns from DTM.

Project Highlights
  • Fulfillment Integration
  • High-Performing Digital Media Strategy
  • A/B Split Testing
  • Consumer Upsell Engine
  • Proprietary Match-Back System
  • Mobile-First Design
  • Development of Archer